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Bug#301434: Script hooks in main-menu

Michael S. Peek wrote:
> It would be nice to be able to run pre- and post- scripts between menu items.
> That way I could supply custom scripts to do things like:
> - - After the ethernet drivers are loaded, but before netcfg is run, execute a
>   script that could look through the hardware addresses found and configure
>   debconf netcfg settings appropriately.
> - - After disk drivers are loaded, but before partman is run, execute a script
>   that would dynamically create a partman-auto/expert_recipe based on the
>   number and sizes of disks found (or based on the contents of /etc/hostname,
>   for that mater).
>   (Things like this might require ifconfig, sed, and awk?  I don't know if the
>   compilation of busybox currently used has support for sed and awk, but it
>   would be nice if all the basic unix scripting tools were available: sed, awk,
>   grep, head, tail, cut, tr, expr, etc... as well as some basic networking
>   tools like ping.  If the size of the ramdisk is an issue, then perhaps
>   multiple ramdisks could be supplied.

You want to entend the installer in arbitrary ways which might require
additional programs. Why not do it in the way the installer was designed
to be extended, by packing your extension up in a udeb and loading it
into the installer? A udeb can contain arbitrary tools like ping and awk
(or depend on another udeb that does), and can use all the existing
hooks that parts of the installer use to add themselves to the main
menu. And it's as easy to make as a deb.

see shy jo

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