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Bug#301434: Script hooks in main-menu

Michael S. Peek wrote:
> Oh yes, if there's a way to do it that's in keeping with the design, then I'm
> all for it.  (I am eager to learn more about the design...)
> So now, before I entertain thoughts of mucking about with the bug tracker some
> more, here's an excellent opportunity for me to ask some advice.  Should I:
> A) Open new wishlist bugs:
>      1) A wish for a pre-netcfg udeb to run a script before netcfg (or
>      something to that effect)
>      2) A wish for a pre-partman-auto udeb to run a script before parman-auto
>      (or something to that effect)
>      3) A wish for a shell tools udeb that contains an extended compilation of
>      busybox that includes things like head, tail, ping, etc. and appropriate
>      links (and any extra tools that busybox doesn't implement?).

My point isn't that we could add more udebs to d-i to provide these
kinds of hooks, it's that the udebs themselves are hooks, and customised
udebs to do exactly what you want when you want can be easily created.

So why not just start making the udebs yourself?

see shy jo

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