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Bug#300545: acpi task

Per Olofsson wrote:
> Attached is a patch which adds an acpi task. This task is installed
> automatically if ACPI support is available. It is never shown to the
> user. Is this the proper way to make sure that ACPI support is
> installed or is this task perhaps too small?

I'm hesitant about calling acpi support itself a task. It doesn't full
in the blank well in a sentence like "I wanna use a ___.". I'd also
prefer to avoid completly hidden tasks, if there's not some visible task
(like desktop that triggers them, since I think that could lead to some
overly-DWIM behavior.

Of course it's a subset of laptop support, which I do think would work
as a task; the task could try to detect a laptop, and default the task
to install if found; the task would always be visible in the menu.

Given that all we need for acpi support is so simple, it might be better
to hardcode this elsewhere in the installer.

see shy jo

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