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kernel-image-2.6.8-ia64 ABI reversion

I'm trying to decide what I want to do about the ia64 kernel ABI.  I
rev'd it from -2 (currently in sarge) to -3 to turn off PREEMPT
(prevents at least one user triggerable oops).  This seemed convenient,
since the k-s-2.6.8-14 had its own ABI change.

Well, turns out this was a bad idea - we've decided to revert the ABI
change from the kernel-source, and the ia64 images are blocked from
sarge because of it.

Is it feasible (or even a good idea) to revert this ABI change?  The
only problem I can come up with is that sid systems that installed the
-2 ABI version and the -3 ABI version won't use -2 as a default kernel
after the upgrade.  That seems acceptable since after all, this is sid,
and once we do the pending ABI roll, it will be -3 once again.  And, I'd
like for sarge users to be able to test new uploads.

(Sorry for the broad distribution, but I want to be sure to get this

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