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Bug#301262: Installation report: Gnome keymap, Audigy2+BTTV problems; Theora suggestion

Timo Jyrinki wrote:
> Installation itself went fine. Problems:
> 1. GNOME has not Finnish keymap selected, even though Finnish was
>    selected as the installation language. This should be corrected!
>    Manually fixed by changing /desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard/xkb/
>    layouts from us to fi. XF86Config-4 had the correct XkbLayout
>    already.

I think this is a missing feature in localization-config, although
others seem to think it's a bug in gnome for not using the X settings as
the default.

> 2. I've both a tv card and Audigy2 sound card, which both have mixers.
>    The tv card is not a real audio device, yet it is configured as the
>    primary "sound card" and I can't get any audio out of my machine. I
>    had the same problem with Ubuntu Warty, and though I had some success
>    with esound.conf -d parameter, the only way I found to fix the
>    problem permanently was to remove the snd-bt87x module entirely,
>    which is apparently btaudio in 2.4 kernels. This behavior is fixed
>    in eg. Ubuntu Hoary.

If you can tell us _how_ it's fixed in ubuntu, that might be a good

> Ideas:
> 3. libtheora0 should be installed by default when desktop package is
>    selected. Ogg Theora is The free video codec at the moment, and even
>    though it's in "alpha" stage its bitstream is fixed and it's fully
>    usable. It'd be nice to play Theora videos out-of-the-box with Sarge.
>    Now plays with Totem as soon as libtheora0 is installed.

Added to tasksel svn.

see shy jo

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