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Bug#301262: Gnome keymap

Joey Hess wrote:
1. GNOME has not Finnish keymap selected, even though Finnish was
  selected as the installation language. This should be corrected!
  Manually fixed by changing /desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard/xkb/
  layouts from us to fi. XF86Config-4 had the correct XkbLayout

I think this is a missing feature in localization-config, although
others seem to think it's a bug in gnome for not using the X settings as
the default.

Okay, maybe this bug could be moved to the localization-config -package?

[sound problems]
If you can tell us _how_ it's fixed in ubuntu, that might be a good

Yes, I understand.. just ignore this 2nd item unless someone has a great idea where the behavior is coming from. I try to find something about it and file a bug in the correct place if I succeed.

3. libtheora0 should be installed by default when desktop package is
Added to tasksel svn.


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