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Bug#301282: Package: installation-reports

Brian Beck wrote:
> 1. The mail setup is a bit off putting I think there were five options, and 
> I'm not certain I picked the proper one. Perhaps either more help would be 
> nice.  (Maybe I should just spend more time reading the manual first.)

If you have some specific suggestions I'd suggest you file a separate
bug on the exim4-config package (or I can clone this one to there), as
it's not part of the installer as such.

Although we did try to trim this down as much as possible and make the
help text as usful as possible given the space.

> 2. Would it be possible to offer the user the choice of branches.  For example 
> I could select Stable, Testing, or Unstable.

Not from the netinst CD, as there's only room on the CD for one version
of Debian. The businesscard or netboot installer offers these choices,
although only in expert mode.

see shy jo

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