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Re: Q: Debian preseed settings + base-config

Michael S. Peek wrote:
> I'm working on an automated Debian installation using the
> sarge-i386-businesscard.iso image.
> I have in my preseed files the following:
>   debconf      debconf/priority           string  critical
>   base-config  base-config/intro          note
> However, when the system reboots to finish the installation, base-config still
> stops at the "Debian base system configuration" menu, with "Display
> introductory message" highlighted.  I thought the above settings were supposed
> to prevent that.

You're being dropped into low or medium priority for some reason. If you
started the installation in expert mode, that's why; if you didn't then
some error occurred during the first stage which should have brought it
to the menu there, and the second stage priority is following along with
that. Expert mode installs are not partitulrly preseedable, if it's in
high priority you skip the menus.

see shy jo

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