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Re: 3 days until end of test period


does not boot at all, it is ejected almost instantly. (grey floppy-icon gets a 
X painted over it).

see attached release-checklist.patch


btw, kmail seems to scan for the phrase "see attached" and warned me that I 
seemed to forgot the attachment!! wow :-)
Index: installer/doc/devel/release-checklist
--- installer/doc/devel/release-checklist	(Revision 26303)
+++ installer/doc/devel/release-checklist	(Arbeitskopie)
@@ -98,8 +98,8 @@
         basic netinst cd				
         basic businesscard cd				
-        floppy + cd [not newworld]			
-        floppy + network [not newworld]			
+        floppy + cd [not newworld]		fails to boot		
+        floppy + network [not newworld]		fails to boot	
         2.4-floppy + network [not newworld]	pass
         netboot					pass (on pegasos)
         using pcmcia network card			

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