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Bug#299610: hw-detect select de4x5 instead of tulip

Package: hw-detect
Version: 1.14
Severity: normal
Tags: d-i

i test d-i with a network card SMC dec 21140 chip.
hw-detect loads de4x5 module, no error displayed by modprobe, but the card do not work after ifconfig. (earing a 'click' when trying to access network) i tried in console the tulip module, and it works ( earing a double 'click' when trying to access network).

at the moment, the only solution to activate tulip using d-i:
- to boot in expert mode
- to refuse de4x5 when d-i display the net modules automatically detected
- to select tulip in the all net modules list displayed
=> but the 'activation' (= second 'click') of the card takes too much time => DHCP failed
- retry DHCP autoconfiguration => DHCP works


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