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Re: d-i talk @ debconf5 (was Re: debconf5: d-i debcamp & workshop/talk

Holger Levsen wrote:
> Debian Installer - a developers view on it's past, present & future
> ===================================================
> - history (boot-floppies, 2002-2005, the d-i-team consisting of developers and 
> translators)
> - design (debconf (preseeding), udebs, main-menu, different boot-medias and 
> levels)
> - development (communication, branches, testing d-i, ...)
> - i18n (status-quo, howto, goals)
> - BTS (using it, helping us), manual, wiki (how to use it, how not)
> - future plans and goals (IMHO this will be worked out during debcamp)

Thanks for coordinating this. I fear we may have some difficulty fitting
all this in 45 minutes with a reasonable Q&A period too, but I guess we
can always cut it down when we get together to work on it. :-)

see shy jo

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