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debconf5: d-i debcamp & workshop/talk


first of all let me state here that I think debian-installer is simply 
awesome! You - you know who you are - did a great job!! (*) I've been working 
with d-i for more than a year now and I'm still impressed (even though I know 
those missing features and problems ;) . I will continue to use both d-i and 
FAI (*2) as I think both systems have their pros and cons and both systems 
will continue to improve and both will have their share in future. 

Anyway, this mail is about debconf5 in Helsinki. At first, I want to bring the 
idea of a d-i workcamp before the "official" debconf on topic. debconf5 will 
happen from july 10th til 18th with a debcamp for teams working on specific 
topics preceding it.

Since I hope/believe/think sarge will be released by then, IMHO this could be 
a great opportunity to work together on post-sarge designs, development goals 
and implemetations.

I've come to think about this, because this tuesday (in two days) the call for 
papers for debconf5 ends and I was thinking about talks and workshops I would 
like to give or attend. I would really like to see a talk or workshop there 
talking about a.) d-i design and pre-sarge development and b.) post-sarge 
design and development - so others can get a good overview how d-i has been 
done and how they could join d-i development.

Please, someone ;-) submit this (or a similar) proposal for a talk or 
workshop! I would offer help in preparing the talk (and/or give the pre-sarge 
part of it).


(*): I wanted to state this for some time now - the last time, when my article 
about d-i got published. Guess I was to shy to mix those topics :)

(*2): there will be a FAI developer meeting in April where I'll start 
integrating parts of FAI "into d-i."

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