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d-i talk @ debconf5 (was Re: debconf5: d-i debcamp & workshop/talk


On Monday 14 March 2005 13:12, Holger Levsen wrote:
> > And we also need someone to submit the proposal with the deadline
> > being...tomorrow..:-)
> I'll do this later this afternoon.

Well almost: since we have more than 24h I decided to give you a chance to 
review this proposal.

Since the proposal isn't allowed to be very long (IIUC), it's mostly the 
outline I posted today at noon.

Debian Installer - a developers view on it's past, present & future

- history (boot-floppies, 2002-2005, the d-i-team consisting of developers and 
- design (debconf (preseeding), udebs, main-menu, different boot-medias and 
- development (communication, branches, testing d-i, ...)
- i18n (status-quo, howto, goals)
- BTS (using it, helping us), manual, wiki (how to use it, how not)
- future plans and goals (IMHO this will be worked out during debcamp)

This talk will be delivered by the debian-installer team (Joey Hess, Christian 
Perrier and myself allready confirmed to supply some bits, others are welcome 
to join). I will make sure this talk will happen and fill the gaps if needed.

IMHO the main purposes of this talk or workshop are: a.) inform the debian 
crowd about d-i (present & future plans) and b.) get more people involved.
Therefore I think doing a talk and not a workshop is fine. (We have debcamp 
preceding this anyway.)

Before I submit this a a proposal I will remove "IMHO" from it and would like 
to get some feedback from you.


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