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Bug#299059: sarge network-preseed not getting executed

Neil Franklin wrote:
> network-preseed and file-preseed packages are only added to the install
> system by download-installer, which is run by main-menu at
> XB-Installer-Menu-Item: 23, but they themselves have
> XB-Installer-Menu-Item: 21 (network-preseed) and 14 (file-preseed), and
> so get sorted into the menu before download and are not executed any
> more.

Before I or anyone else reading this has a heart attack, it's important
to note that this problem only affects floppies or any other media that
has the preseed packages left off of it, it does not affect netboot, cd,

I doubt that fully preseeded installs using floppies are possible anyway
since you at least have to let it prompt for the root and probably a
drivers floppy. Still the bug's valid, we should support preseeding with
floppies to the extent possible.

> Cheap and nasty fix: Resequence these 2 packages to after 23

That is not a fix, as it would make it impossible to preseed the mirror
selection step anymore. In the case of file-preseed it would make it
impossible to preseed network setup via a preseed file.

> Better but possibly more involved fix: Include these 2 packages on the
> root floppy initrd. As they are each only 10k and their only dependency
> (preseed-common) is already there, this should have an acceptable space
> usage.

Yep, we should look at doing this post sarge, or alternatively fix
main-menu to reorder the menu based on load order (#288053).

see shy jo

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