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Bug#299059: sarge network-preseed not getting executed

Package: network-preseed
Version 1.01

Actually more general (are comma separated lists allowed above? the
docs (http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting) say nothing on this):

Package: Binary packages file-preseed and network-preseed from source
package preseed and/or whatever system decides which binary packages
get included on the root floppy initrd vs which packages get fetched by

Versions: both 1.01 (Nov 18 2004 sarge install floppy images) and 1.02
(Mar 11 2005 current source code and Mar 2 2005 "current" floppy

network-preseed and file-preseed packages are only added to the install
system by download-installer, which is run by main-menu at
XB-Installer-Menu-Item: 23, but they themselves have
XB-Installer-Menu-Item: 21 (network-preseed) and 14 (file-preseed), and
so get sorted into the menu before download and are not executed any

This bug is somewhat similar in nature (but not identical) to #288053.
In #288053 the XB-Installer-Menu-Item numbers need correcting (run ssh
config after download), while here the XB-Installer-Menu-Item numbers
seem to be sensible (so that one can preseed mirrors before
downloading!). So here the 2 packages network-preseed and file-preseed
need to be available before downloading, i.e. come from the root floppy

Cheap and nasty fix: Resequence these 2 packages to after 23

Better but possibly more involved fix: Include these 2 packages on the
root floppy initrd. As they are each only 10k and their only dependency
(preseed-common) is already there, this should have an acceptable space

Neil Franklin, System Programmer, Dept of Physics
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zuerich, HPR E86.1
http://www.phys.ethz.ch/~franklin/, franklin@phys.ethz.ch.remove

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