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Re: rc3 status update

Frans Pop wrote:
> That could mean some translation updates for packages for which _no new 
> version_ was released since RC2 would also make it into the Sarge branch.
> I'm not sure if that is bad or not, especially as I would guess there 
> currently still are some unreleased translation changes in the Sarge 
> branch (changes that were made after RC2 for packages that were not 
> released again; example: baseconfig-udeb.)

It's probably a little bit of both. Some of the translation changes
might introduce new bugs after all.

> The main cause of this is of course that updates for RC3 have mostly been 
> released from trunk. Translators have been making updates to both 
> branches because they wanted important translation fixes to be included 
> even if a new version of a package would be released from the Sarge 
> branch instead of from trunk.
> The question for the future is: from which branch are we going to release 
> new versions of packages intended for Sarge?
> Until now we have kept a string freeze for trunk which is why we were able 
> to release from trunk in the first place. Are we going to continue that?

Part of the answer comes down to how long we're stuck between d-i final
and the sarge release. If we have a lot of time I intend to set things
up so we can start to do development for etch. I've talked with James
Troup about adding a special branch in the archive for post-sarge d-i
development (still need a good codename for it though), and we would be
releasing to that from trunk, so we'd have to use the sarge branch for
any last minute releases. And of course for some packages, trunk is
already diverged from sarge and we are already releasing from the sarge

see shy jo

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