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rc3 status update

We're currently running 5 to 8 days behind schedule for some items.
After dinstall today we should be ready to begin building the
debian-installer packages. I'm tracking status of release blockers and
other important issues in the wiki:

Here's an updated timeline. Note that the merging of updates to the
sarge branch in svn is put on March 8th only because I won't be doing it
before then, but if someone else wants to work on doing that before,
that would be great.

1 Mar   arrive at final go/no-go list for which udebs will be updated in rc3
2 Mar   rc3 udebs synced to testing (some rc2 images may break)
3 Mar   debs that were waiting on rc3 reach testing
        (parted, debootstrap)
        finish all needed changes to debian-installer package
        (manual, build system)
4 Mar	most udeb sources updated
5 Mar   base-installer uploaded, waiting on all builds  <--(you are here)
        final (initrd) debs reach testing by dinstall
        begin debian-installer package test build
8 Mar   merge updates to sarge branch of svn repository, where necessary
	powerpc 2.4 kernel deb is in testing
10 Mar  debian-installer test build finishes (approximate)
        test period
14 Mar  final deadline for emergency udeb changes for rc3 (optional)
        begin final debian-installer package build (optional)
18 Mar  final debian-installer package build complete (optional)
19 Mar  final netinst and businesscard CD builds
        begin full CD builds
20 Mar  final testing 
22 Mar  web site updates
23 Mar  rc3 release

see shy jo

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