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Re: rc3 status update

Quoting Steve Langasek (vorlon@debian.org):

> When I was updating partman-auto recently and merging the changes onto the
> sarge branch, I found that there were translation updates that there was at
> least one translation update that had been made on the sarge branch that had
> not been updated on the trunk, and I had to cross-merge the debian/po/
> directory to get everything synced up. :/  It would be nice if such changes
> were at least made to the trunk first, and only then merged onto the release
> branch.

Sure. This is something I explicitely said to translators when the
branching happened.

However, some may have forget this..or simply missed it (being sure to
get all translators attention is still a challenge).

Indeed, for the future, given that there should be no reason to do
string changes in the sarge branch, except on very special occasions,
I think I'll ask translators to NEVER update their files there. I will
probably stop running l10n-sync on it.

>From time to time, I'll merge the packages/po files from trunk with
those from sarge. The translations from trunk will be prioritized over
those from sarge for identical strings.

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