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[D-I] Synchronisation script stopped on D-I "sarge" branch

After a small thread about the possible consequences of running the
"l10n-sync" script on the sarge branch of the Debian Installker
development tree, I have stopped this script temporarily, ON THE sarge
BRANCH (it still runs on the "trunk", the development branch).

Reminder : this script is reponsible for spreading out translations
from the "general" files in packages/po to each d-i individual

D-I translators : please do NOT commit updates in the sarge branch of
the D-I development tree. You can of course continue to commit updates
to the trunk, ie the main development branch (whose statistics are
mentioned under "post-sarge" in d-I translation statistics page).

If someone needs an update to be done in the sarge branch, please
contact me first. This needs to be discussed with Joey Hess and there
is *no guarantee* that such update will go in the Release Candidate 3
version of Debian Installer.


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