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Re: Re: Boot problems on PReP Powerstack

On to my boot-related problems:

I hope somebody can give me a hand on the boot command (Open Firmware 1.2 RM11)

After I installed Debian "to the book" on my Motorola Powerstack II (Utah), I tried to boot it from the Open Firmware command line.

the command:
"boot /pci/scsi/disk@0,0"
resulted in this output:
"Boot device: /pci/scsi/disk@0,0 File and args: vmlinux
The attempt to load a boot image failed."

When I try to be more specific ("boot /pci/scsi/disk@0,0:1,\vmlinux") I end up with this message:
"Can't open boot device"

The classic "boot hdisk" end in
"Boot device: hdisk File and args: hdisk
Can't open boot device."

Can anybody give me hints for diagnostics? Is it possible to read the hardisk from the firmware CLI to verify that the files are realy on partition 1?

I am sorry for not being more specific, but I just don't know more...


Kai Schülke

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