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Re: Re: Boot problems on PReP Powerstack

(That is my reply on Svens mail, just before I subscribed here.
Just for completeness.)

Thanks for your very fast reply. I didn't expect that!

After reading your response I retried the installation "to the book". I am
still having the same problems. I will write to debian-boot on the boot

> I deleted all old partitions and then created:
> 32 MB prep boot partition (as 1st primary)
> 255 MB Swap (logical part.)
> 4.2 GB "/" (logical part.)
> so that should be fine, althought the installer often complains about
> problems with the boot partition. I can avoid that by first making it a
> "FAT16" first and a "prep boot" after the installer complained about not
> having found a boot partition.

Ok, can you give more details about this complaint ?

When I am going through the installer on the straight way, just deleting the
old partitions and creating the above mentioned ones, I get the this error
messages after writing the partition table:

german original:
"Dem ext3 Dateisystem der Partition 1 auf SCSI 1 (0,0,0) (sda) ist kein
Mountpoint zugewiesen" Wollen Sie das ändern? Ja/Nein"

"ext3 filesystem on partition 1 (0,0,0) (sda) has no mountpoint assigned. Do
you want to change that? Yes/No"

This time I went forward, keeping everything as it was. The only way I found
to go on without "ignoring" error messages is:

- Delete all old partiions
- Create a patrtition table that contains:
32 MB FAT16 "/booting"  (as 1st primary)
255 MB Swap            (logical part.)
4.2 GB ext3 "/"        (logical part.)
any not used mountpoint would work instead of "/booting"
- write partition table and wait for the installer to complain about the
missing prep boot partition.
- go back and change FAT16 "/booting" to be the prep boot partition
- write the partition table and go on installing without any error messages

It apears to me, as if the partitioner "remembers" the old values of the
FAT16 partition, so that it doesn't notice that it hasn't got a mount point
for /dev/sda1.

I am also wondering why the error message tells me about an ext3 FS sitting
on the first partition. I couldn't verify if thats just an output error in
the message or if the partition table also contains the wrong partition
type. (I am quite sure that a Firmware from 1998 won't read ext3 :-)

Before finishing the installation I went to the shell and executed:
dd if=/target/boot/vmlinux of=/dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1
Then I return to the installer menu and finished the installation. Reboot
from didn't work...

Thank again and have a good nights sleep :-)


Kai Schülke

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