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Re: rc3 release blockers

On Máirt, 2005-03-01 at 16:35 -0500, Joey Hess wrote:

> [Aside: A few non-d-i packages that build udebs are in inconsistent states in
> unstable, and the newer versions of them won't go in for rc3 unless this
> is cleared up in time. Which is problimatic because we have older
> versions of these udebs in testing from rc2, probably missing sources by
> now:
>  - eject is missing arm and mipsel
>  - hdparm is missing mipsel
>  - lvm2 is missing mipsel and FTBFS on sparc
>  - ppp is missing mipsel
>  - strace FTBFS on alpha, ia64, s390
> ]

With exquisite timing, bug #297661 was filed as Release-Critical against
iso-codes. A fix is now pending in CVS, but not uploaded.

The problem was incorrect entries in iso_639.tab; this file is not used
in iso_3166_udeb, in d-i; the file is marked deprecated as the XML
version is to be used instead; however it has gotten out-of-sync with
corrections and changes in the XML version; now fixed.

The decision is whether or not to do an iso-codes upload. Its an arch:
all file, now problems with buildds delaying the build. My preference is
to downgrade the bug to Important: and upload post-sarge; if it breaks
other software (as claimed) then fix the other software to use the XML
version. This is noted in email to submitter and BTS. 

The decision is in Joeyh and the RM's hands.

Alastair McKinstry

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