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rc3 release blockers

We were supposed to have all the udebs ready in unstable for rc3 by
yesterday so we could push them to testing tomorrow. A few things are
holding this up:

 - debootstrap is not built yet on mipsel
 - choose-mirror is not built on mipsel, arm (but we may release w/o this)
 - kbd-chooser FTBFS on arm (due to broken buildd)

It seems a pity to lose the new kbd-chooser for rc3, and the arm
autobuilder problem has persisted for weeks, so a manual build of that
would be appreciated. We have no option of release without the new

There's also the powerpc 2.4 kernel thing. The new kernel debs are stuck
in incoming. There is a new base-installer release that is blocked until
they get out of incoming, and will then need to be autobuilt and will
probably fall afoul of the mipsel and arm overload problems and take
time. Then it needs to be tested. The sarge build system also needs to
be updated for this new kernel. I told Sven when he did this that he was
looking at a 1 or 2 week delay in rc3, and it's still looking that way.

I have not decided at this point if I'm going to let it force the delay
or go ahead and release without it, as previously promised. I'm trying
to keep my extreme unhappiness that the powerpc kernel security
update was handled this way (and that the counsel of me and vorlon not
to do it was ignored) from coloring this decision.. :-/

[Aside: A few non-d-i packages that build udebs are in inconsistent states in
unstable, and the newer versions of them won't go in for rc3 unless this
is cleared up in time. Which is problimatic because we have older
versions of these udebs in testing from rc2, probably missing sources by

 - eject is missing arm and mipsel
 - hdparm is missing mipsel
 - lvm2 is missing mipsel and FTBFS on sparc
 - ppp is missing mipsel
 - strace FTBFS on alpha, ia64, s390

see shy jo

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