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Re: Making English the default on serial console installs

> > With localechooser, yes..:-). It currently tests for the framebuffer
> > and shows only Latin-1 languages if it is not available.
> That's not good enough; it freezes if the language is Dutch, too (which
> is latin-1)

There's room for enhancements but the mechanism isn't completely
there. If one can mention a good test for deciding whether the install
happens on a serial console or not, we can later add a 3-level system
in localechooser:

-no serial console, framebuffer OK: show all langs
-framebuffer not OK, not a serial install : show only Latin-1 langs
(tagged "1" in the languagelist of localechooser)
-framebuffer not OK, serial install : show only ASCII langs (tagged
"2" in the languagelist of localechooser), skip over the language
question if there's only one language (likely English)

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