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Re: Making English the default on serial console installs

Quoting Martin Michlmayr (tbm@cyrius.com):

> A user just reminded me that this is still broken.  There was a patch
> in #263137 but apparently this broke something else.  In the absence
> of a working patch, can we make English the default on serial console
> installs and not let users choose something else?

With localechooser, yes..:-). It currently tests for the framebuffer
and shows only Latin-1 languages if it is not available. There is room
for more improvements in that area, for instance showing only
ASCII-based languages if the terminal if SACII only.

With languagechooser, this needs to hack it down so that it skips the
language question for serial installs....more or less the same way
that lowmem does.

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