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Bug#293008: Sarge Installation Report: succes, but strange tasksel behavior

Frans Pop wrote:
> It appears that first apt(itude) is called to remove the E-mail-server
> task. It shows the packages to be deleted for the E-mail-server task and
> asks if I want to proceed. I choose 'n' and confirm with <enter>.
> Apt(itude) does what I ask, and breaks off: nothing is deleted.
> Next, apt(itude) is called _again_  by tasksel to install the DNS-server
> task. As nothing needs to be removed for that task, no confirmation
> question is asked and installation of its packages just proceeds.
> The end result is that both the E-mail-server and DNS-server tasks are
> installed (as can be seen by starting tasksel again).
> I agree this is mildly confusing, but, AFAICT there is no real error.
> Maybe it would be better if no tasks were installed if the operation
> to remove tasks is interrupted by the user.

Tasksel has to run aptitude twice in this situation because aptitude
does not allow removal of one task and install of another in one
command. Aptitude could be extended to support this, via something like
the following:

aptitude install '~t^file-server' '-~t^web-server'

Currently it does not understand the - in front of a task specifier
though, so I have to run:

aptitude remove '~t^web-server'
aptitude install '~t^file-server'

Tasksel _does_ check the return code of aptitude remove, and if it is
nonzero will abort, and not do the install. Apparently user interrupt in
aptitude does not result in a nonzero exit code though. If it did,
tasksel would work fine.

Since I cannot fix this problem in tasksel, and since one or the other
change to aptitude would fix it, I'm reassigning this bug to there.

see shy jo

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