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Bug#293008: Sarge Installation Report: succes, but strange tasksel behavior

Peter Vandenabeele wrote:
> I am confused by the feature that tasksel is designed to also 
> _remove_ tasks (beyond simple resolution of conflicting tasks). I assume 
> this means that tasksel has some database of selected and deselected tasks. 

<shrug>, this has been an often requested tasksel feature for years, and
was finally implemented. Tasksel does not have a database of installed
tasks, it works out what tasks are installed by examination of what
packages are installed.

> IMO, this results in a difficult to understand interference between
> the apt/dpkg database(s) and the tasksel database. I have seen cases
> where running "tasksel" to _install_ the fileserver package triggered 
> the removal of 100 KDE packages. That is not what I intended when I 
> used tasksel to _install_ the file server packages. I assume that
> happened because I had installed the x-server and desktops stuff 
> "by hand" with apt-get install x-server etc. and tasksel was not aware.

No, that is not how tasksel's task removal support works. Tasksel will
only remove a task if it was marked as installed when tasksel started and
you took an explicit action to un-select it.

It seems more likely to me that you ran into some dependency issues in
installing the file-server task, or had some other problem with your
system, and aptitude decided to resolve the problems by removing
packages. Without a transcript, I can't say for sure. You might check

Anyway, this has nothing to do with the original bug report.

see shy jo

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