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Re: How to avoid MTA installation? (and other preseed questions)

Quoting Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org>:
> I'm not sure as well that you can really set the default but still be
> prompted...

Setting the default from "debian" to some other value would
be nice for CDD like installations.

> However, the default is not only "debian". When you first give a
> working IP setup, including the name server(s), the name of the
> machine is defaulted by using a reverse DNS lookup on the IP address
> you gave.
> So, if your machine is already declared in the local DNS, then you get
> the correct name as default name. This feature rocks and is a really
> nice thing for giving a good impression to newscomers....

This is indeed a cool feature.  As is debian-installer :-)

Cheers, WB

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