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Re: How to avoid MTA installation? (and other preseed questions)

Quoting Holger Levsen <debian@layer-acht.org>:
> cc:ed as I don't know wether you're subscribed.

Thanks, as I'm not :-)

> On Friday 28 January 2005 14:00, W. Borgert wrote:
> > However, for a special purpose machine I like to prevent
> > exim4 (and maybe other packages) from being installed.  Is
> > this possible?
> AFAIK the only solution is to use "apt-get remove" in a 
> base_config/*_command ...

Not perfect, but acceptable.

> > Second: I don't like to run tasksel - who to get around this?
> preseed it with empty value...

At this step I had a problem with outdated g++ libs in my
local mirror or sth. like that, so I was not sure, whether I
did it right.

> > Third and last: The hostname default is debian.  I like to
> > preseed another default without setting the name.  Is this
> > possible?
> yes.

:-) How?  If I set d-i netcfg/get_hostname, I am not prompted
for the hostname anymore, I just like to set the default from
"debian" to some other value.

Cheers, WB

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