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Re: Debian installer FAQ #9 (add my own device driver)

On Wednesday 26 January 2005 03:24, dan@nocow.net wrote:
>    Okay, so the FAQ #9 is exactly what I want to do. Actually I have
> already built the driver module on a running Sarge system and I would
> like to get it into the installation on another machine. The Sarge CD
> that I have works fine, but I do not have the ability to create an new
> CD. I want to be able to use the Sarge CD and provided by Debian along
> with my own driver module from a floppy. (The Woody installer actually
> tell how to accomplish this using the release CD and a floppy.)

The installer currently does not have the option to do that.

However, you can probably do it manually by switching to VT2 and copy the 
module off a floppy, USB stick or, after you've configured the network, 
by using netcat's nc (or if you install the ssh-client component of d-i, 
you can use scp).

You will also have to copy the module into /target after the step where 
the kernel is installed.


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