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Bug#292278: Installer Fails To Read Kernel deb From ASUS E616P2 DVDROM

Package: installation-reports

Debian-installer-version: 2005-01-22 sarge-i386-netinst.iso RC2 from
uname -a: not possible
Date: 2005-01-23
Method: booted from network installer CD (on CDRW media)

Machine: home-built, ABIT NF7-S V2 motherboard (not overclocked)
Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2600 (barton core)
Memory: 512Mb Corsair (DDR)
Root Device: primary master IDE /dev/hda7 - intended, anyway :-)

Root Size/partition table: output from DOS utility MBRtool follows :
Geometry values (from BIOS!) for this disk : (C/H/S) - 1023/254/63

Partition Table Information
         ACT  TYPE START-C/H/S    END----C/H/S   LBA-start
Entry 1: 128  07   0    1    1    1023 254  63   63          20482812
Entry 2: 0    0F   1023 0    1    1023 254  63   20482875    55295730
Entry 3: 0    00   0    0    0    0    0    0    0           0
Entry 4: 0    00   0    0    0    0    0    0    0           0

Entry 1 is a 10Gb primary NTFS partition holding Win2K
Entry 2 is a 26Gb extended partition containing 
  logical drive 1 (partition /dev/hda5) : 2Gb NTFS data
  logical drive 2 (partition /dev/hda6) : 4Gb FAT32 data
  logical drive 3 (partition /dev/hda7) : 4Gb for Linux root
  logical drive 4 (partition /dev/hda8) : 512Mb for Linux swap
    (and a lot of free space)
*All* partitions created using Win2K Disk Manager.

Output of lspci and lspci -n: not possible

Base System Installation Checklist:
[O] = OK, [E] = Error (please elaborate below), [ ] = didn't try it

Initial boot worked:    [O]
Configure network HW:   [O]
Config network:         [ ]
Detect CD:              [O]
Load installer modules: [O]
Detect hard drives:     [O]
Partition hard drives:  [ ]
Create file systems:    [O]
Mount partitions:       [O]
Install base system:    [E]
Install boot loader:    [ ]
Reboot:                 [ ]


The installation proceeded very nicely until the failure. Network
configuration was skipped when the DHCP request timed out (not plugged
into any LAN yet). I used the manual partitioning option to simply
tell the installer to use the precreated (see above) hda7 and hda8 for
ext3 root and swap respectively, allowing it to format them.  However,
installation of the base system failed repeatably with the error
  "short read in buffer_copy" 
error while trying to install the 2.4 kernel deb (see log extract

Googling indicated this was probably an I/O fault, but the CD, CDROM
drive and all other hardware are brand new.  The CDROM drive is in
fact an Asus E616P2 DVDROM drive.  Further googling showed up some
reports of other users having problems with this drive model in
unusual circumstances, and also a report on the Linux Kernel ML about
the ide-cd driver hanging with this drive model :

I had noticed that this step :
   Detecting hardware to find CDROM drives

   Loading module 'ide-detect' for 'Linux IDE detection'
spent a *long* time (3 or 4 mins) at 81% complete ...

Checking the Asus website revealed a firmware update V1.07, dated
17.Jan.2005 is available :
My drive came with firmware V1.03, which the above web-page says was
supposed to "Fix Play MP3 Cause Delay issue in Linux OS", so in the
hope that the 1.07 release improved other relevant things I downloaded
it and flashed it into the drive.

After this, a repeat installation completed the "install base system"
step with out incident - so I guess you can close this bug report as
"Fixed by vendor DVDROM drive firmware update".

[ In fact I then had a subsequent installation failure (failure to
install either of the Grub or Lilo bootloaders) which will be the
subject of my next Sarge installation report bug submission. ]

Here's the installer log for the base system installation failure :
========================< cut >==========================
 [ many lines snipped ]
Selecting previously deselected package initrd-tools.
Unpacking initrd-tools (from .../initrd-tools_0.1.74_all.deb) ...
Setting up dash (0.5.1-3) ...

Setting up cramfsprogs (1.1-6) ...
Setting up initrd-tools (0.1.74) ...

Reading Package Lists...
Building Dependency Tree...
Suggested packages:
  lilo grub kernel-doc-2.4.27 kernel-source-2.4.27
The following NEW packages will be installed:
0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
Need to get 0B/11.0MB of archives.
After unpacking 28.4MB of additional disk space will be used.
Selecting previously deselected package kernel-image-2.4.27-1-386.
(Reading database ... 7544 files and directories currently installed.)
Unpacking kernel-image-2.4.27-1-386 (from
.../kernel-image-2.4.27-1-386_2.4.27-2_i386.deb) ...
dpkg-deb (subprocess): error in buffer_read(stream): failed to write
to pipe in copy: Input/output error
dpkg-deb: subprocess paste returned error exit status 2
dpkg: error processing
 short read in buffer_copy (backend dpkg-deb during
Errors were encountered while processing:

E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
========================< cut >==========================

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