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Re: hppa 2.6 badness

Bdale Garbee wrote:
> Sorry, I was very focused on the cdrom image and haven't tried a netinst in
> a while.

Assume you mean s/netinst/netboot/

> I think I added a ramdisk=16384 to the palo call made in debian-cd that fixed 
> this for that variant.  I'm not in a good place right now to try and check in 
> a change to d-i, but suggest adding a ramdisk=16384 to the other palo 
> invocations to take care of this.

Based on the kernel messages, the default ramdisk size was already 16mb.
Anyway, wouldn't a ramdisk option in palo eat up some of the (very
limited on hppa) kernel command line space? Or is it something else?

Anyway, I seem to have managed to work around it by dropping several
udebs from the netboot initrd, including some modules we don't seem to
need for netboot and an old fdisk program not used now that hppa uses

see shy jo

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