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Re: D-I Manual on official Debian website

Hi Frank,

> You can also apply the patch for the order change
> .en.html -> .html.en. Seems indeed  preferable here.

Oops. Made the changes and implemented them (both trunk and sarge branch), 
but forgot to send a mail about it.

However, I saw that this was picked up anyway :-) as there now is a page
Great; looks good!

There seems to be one problem with content negotiation.
If I click one of the CN links at the top of the page, I will get the txt 
version of the manual and not the html version.

Reason is, of course that the txt and pdf versions are called
and the html version is called

The same does not happen for the release notes, as the release notes are 
in a separate subdir under the arch dir (AFAICT only the html version; 

Wouldn't it be better (more consistent etc.) to create a separate 
directory for the manual as well?
Then, a link to releases/testing/arch/manual/ would return the html 
version. Should txt/pdf files remain in the arch dir or move as well?

The other option would of course be to rename the index.html.<lang> files 
to install.html.<lang> (effectively same as for Woody), which I can take 
care of as well if you like. That would make for full CN support, but 
would also still mean an inconsistency between manual and release notes.


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