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Re: new elilo-installer

On Thu, Jan 06, 2005 at 12:31:17AM -0700, dann frazier wrote:
> hey Joey,
>   I haven't been following d-i that closely - are there any freezes in place
> that should prevent me from doing an elilo-installer upload that fixes #288897?

Based on a conversation on #debian-boot (below) I went ahead and uploaded
a 1.3 package to sid.

Please consider this my request for pushing elilo-installer 1.3 into sarge.

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<fjp> dannf: There is still a string freeze for the Sarge branch. An upload to trunk should be OK, but if you would like the change to be included in Sarge you should respect the string freeze even in trunk.
<dannf> fjp: k - no strings changed - thanks!
<fjp> kov: No. They are independent. However, depending on your language, there will be a basic preseeding of the xserver keyboard by the localization-config package during base-config (i.e. after the reboot).
<kov> fjp: great, that helps =)
<fjp> dannf: Commits to the Sarge brach only after OK'ed by joeyh of course.
<dannf> oh - there's a sarge branch?  is there documentation on how that all works with the archive?
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<dannf> how version strings need to differ, etc
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<dannf> where is the sarge branch, btw?   i don't see it under branches/ in svn
<dannf> oh, nm
<dannf> under the d-i directory, duh
<netman1> Sorry, just missed that. What was that sarge branch for, please?
<dannf> netman1: dunno yet - other than <fjp> dannf: Commits to the Sarge brach only after OK'ed by joeyh of course.
* dannf checks the wiki
<netman1> dannf: 1st time I somebody reference it. Saw Joey's images split 3 weeks ago in the regular d-i and and sarge branch. Couldn't find a reason. The sarge brach does install though: did a HP/DL-380 with it yesterday, flawless except for grub, of course.
<tbm> dannf: http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2004/11/msg00832.html
<dannf> tbm: thanks!
<tbm> actually, I think I meant http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2004/11/msg01344.html
<tbm> but both are relevant
<netman1> tbm & dannf: thanks, that clears it up.
<dannf> ok, sounds like i can commit to trunk & upload to sid, then, if i get joeyh's approval, i can migrate changes to the sarge branch and upload to t-p-u
<tbm> dannf: t-p-u can probably be avoided; if you only upload the minimal change to unstable and it works, joeyh can get it pushed into testing
<dannf> ok

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