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Re: d-i devcamp at debconf5?

Christian Perrier wrote:
> 11:57 < stockholm> no, there will be opportunity for hacking during the 10-17
> 11:57 < stockholm> we try to straighten up the program so that people can do both without fragmenting their time 
> 11:57 < bubulle_1> OK...so probably securing my schedule for 9-17 is OK. I need to do it now because this determines my family's holidays plans!
> So, it's quite likely that there may be no special hosting facility
> before Debconf, but this probably has to be confirmed by speaking with
> the organisation team. I don't want to spread out false ideas..:-)

My understanding is that there will be places to sleep, internet, and
possibly food for any groups that want to arrive before the conference
for hacking.

> If there's no devcamp before debconf, we should arrange sessions
> during the conference, as the above mentions. We should just forget
> about releasing something as we tried at Debconf4 and failed
> miserably..:-)
> I know that Joey was mitigated about the result of d-i hacking at
> Debconf4 (please correct me if I'm wrong, Joey). I personnally think
> that we had some good work going on but were limited by the fact that
> several of us also got their attention focused on other topics...
> We probably should have pre-scheduled more d-i BOFs, for instance,
> with a very specific topic for each.

I agree about the BOFs because I think that pulling more developers into
d-i will be even more important after sarge is released. I also think it
will be important to educate the general debian developership about the
installer. For example right now it seems we have a lot of DDs who don't
even know if d-i supports lvm. (See Planet Debian.) Maybe a general
presenttion about d-i would be good, if someone wants to do one.

However I don't think that more BOFs and talks will neccessarily make for
a more productive development session. And I do think we will have some
big projects we'd like to work on, though I can't predict exactly which

see shy jo

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