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Re: d-i devcamp at debconf5?

> Are there any concrete plans for a d-i devcamp at debconf5 in the week 
> preceding (almost typed preseeding, oops) the actual conference?

>From an IRC conversation I had a few weeks ago (stockholm==Andreas Schuldei):

11:52 < stockholm> hi, bubulle_1 !
11:53 < bubulle_1> stockholm: hi
11:54 < bubulle_1> I'm starting to think about my participation to debconf as you may see
11:55 < bubulle_1> are the dates already determined?
11:55 < stockholm> bubulle_1: yes, pretty much:
11:55 < stockholm> the main event will be 10-17 juli
11:56 < stockholm> july
11:56 < bubulle_1> with debcamp before, that's it?
11:56 < stockholm> but you (and other teams like d-i) are wellcome earlier, for more intense hacking. 
11:57 < stockholm> no, there will be opportunity for hacking during the 10-17
11:57 < stockholm> we try to straighten up the program so that people can do both without fragmenting their time 
11:57 < bubulle_1> OK...so probably securing my schedule for 9-17 is OK. I need to do it now because this determines my family's holidays plans!

So, it's quite likely that there may be no special hosting facility
before Debconf, but this probably has to be confirmed by speaking with
the organisation team. I don't want to spread out false ideas..:-)

Anyway, it probably has to be done now so we'd better already know who
in the d-i team will be at Debconf5 (even if there's no official list
of the d-i team....except the giant commiters list on Alioth).

If there's no devcamp before debconf, we should arrange sessions
during the conference, as the above mentions. We should just forget
about releasing something as we tried at Debconf4 and failed

I know that Joey was mitigated about the result of d-i hacking at
Debconf4 (please correct me if I'm wrong, Joey). I personnally think
that we had some good work going on but were limited by the fact that
several of us also got their attention focused on other topics...

We probably should have pre-scheduled more d-i BOFs, for instance,
with a very specific topic for each.

Speaking about my own plans, I have already arranged my travel plans
for Debconf5. This allowed for very low costs on GermanWings.

I'll be there on Saturday July 9th afternoon and will leave on Sunday
July 17th. So, at least for me, there's no possibility for a d-i
devcamp before the conference, unless I reschedule my flights, which
is indeed possible because the trip from Paris to Helsinki was so
cheap that I can afford losing it..:-)

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