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Bug#291971: MK is not alternative language for BG

Package: languagechooser
Version: 1.44
Severity: important
Tags: d-i patch


I know it's very late for any changes in Sarge branch, but I found a thing that can make any Bulgarian laugh at Debian and I would like to avoid that ;-) In r21549, Anton Zinoviev made the bg line in languagechooser like that:


Notice that when there is no Bulgarian translation for a program and there is Macedonian translation, the Macedonian translation is shown. At first sight, it looks like broken Bulgarian, but after closer look you find some strange letters like "j" (latin letter). The impression is bad. I contacted Anton and he agrees that this change was mistake. So please, please consider fixing this. Trivial patch is attached. Note that this is far from dangerous change.

I admit that I should catch this earlier but I didn't go that far (using installed Desktop task) in testing d-i.

Index: languagelist
--- languagelist	(revision 25092)
+++ languagelist	(working copy)
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
 #X Belarusian;be_BY;be_BY.UTF-8;be;BY;be_BY:be:ru:en_GB:en;kbd=iso5-16(utf8)
 # Special case for Chinese as the two flavours share the same ISO 639 code
 # Both will trigger countrychooser. Each will the the backup for the other

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