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Re: Question on getting the right udebs when building d-i (solved)

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Daniel Dickinson wrote:
| Colin Watson wrote:
| | On Thu, Jan 20, 2005 at 01:38:20AM -0500, Daniel Dickinson wrote:
| |
| |>Am I missing a step, or doing something wrong, the process for
| |>downloading udebs not up-to-date, or something else?
| |
| |
| | If you're using the cdrom initrd, perhaps you haven't constructed a CD
| | with all the udebs to go with it in the form of an archive? debian-cd is
| | what does this in Debian, although it's complicated to operate.
| Okay, I think I must be missing something here.  Doesn't make all_build
| build all the boot images, and download all the required udebs?  If not
| how do I figure out what udebs to download for inclusion on the cd.  I
| have been using debian-cd with a partial debian archive on my hd (don't
| gigs or bandwith for a full mirror).
| Is there a handy list of udebs included in a given build of d-i
| anywhere?  Could this be autogenerated?

Using testing with the lates sarge branch subversion version, I got the
the download of required udebs to work.  I'm happy now.  Next to work on
partial preseeding and custom menus for the window manager...

Thanks to all who have helped,

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