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Re: Re: Re: Re: [D-I] Automatic spellcheck of po files

> Cool.  I'm not directly involved with any of them any more, but hope
> someone else will see the potensial. :)

hope so.
At this stage it's not really flexable: it's one of my goals though.

> Do you know where the question marks shown in "st?" and "f?" come
> from?  Look like some encoding bug to me?

/debian-installer/partman/partman/debian/po/nb.po [st?]
/debian-installer/arch/alpha/aboot-installer/debian/po/nb.po [f?]

...it made me notice I check master file as well: that's why it says there are 
2 occourrences of each of those unknown words.
"nb_all.txt" is your friend when it comes to look where the error is located.

both of those are typos: the translator did something wrong with encodings

> I would recommend the debian package aspell-no instead.

when I first started working on the project I used only deb packages. Then everything was
ready to run daily on a server: alioth is a debian woody machine... that's why I had
to create a complete stand-alone "aspell" environment. 
One day I might switch to aspell 0.60.2 which would make possible to add about 7 other

> 'no' is the old code, 'nb' is the new code ('nn' is another norwegian language code).


> There are two norwegian variants/languages:

>  Norwegian Bokmål  - 'nb' (used to be 'no')
>  Norwegian Nynorsk - 'nn'

thanx for making it clear

> Could be.  Must be a bug in the dictionary.

the words you mentioned before *are not* in the dictionary: I just checked

> let me know if I can do anything to fix it



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