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Re: Re: Re: [D-I] Automatic spellcheck of po files

[Davide Viti]
> I guess it shouldn't be too difficult... 
> I could help out to set that up for other projects: it'll help to
> make it more flexable.

Cool.  I'm not directly involved with any of them any more, but hope
someone else will see the potensial. :)

> As for the problem with those unknown words let's see: all po files
> are translated to utf-8 (which is supported by aspell), so it should
> not be a problem related with encodings.

Do you know where the question marks shown in "st?" and "f?" come
from?  Look like some encoding bug to me?

> I installed the aspell-nb dictionary taken from:
> ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/aspell/dict/nb/aspell-nb-0.50.1-0.tar.bz2
> is it the right one?

I would recommend the debian package aspell-no instead.

> ...I just noticed I check "nb" language using "--lang=no"
> honestly I built dictionaries a while ago and I cannot remember why
> I used "no".

It is probably correct.  'no' is the old code, 'nb' is the new code
('nn' is another norwegian language code).

> I know I got confused with the various flavours of Norwegian;
> perhaps you can help me out with that!

There are two norwegian variants/languages:

  Norwegian Bokmål  - 'nb' (used to be 'no')
  Norwegian Nynorsk - 'nn'

> I just tried spellchecking using "--lang=no" and "--lang=nb" and
> there's no difference: could it be that those words are not included
> in _that_ version of aspell-nb?

Could be.  Must be a bug in the dictionary.

> let me know if I can do anything to fix it

I do not know.  The Norwegian dictionary are now on Alioth,
<URL:https://alioth.debian.org/projects/spell-norwegian/>.  It just
moved there, and I'm not sure if the package is ready for a new
release at the moment.  I would recommend the Debian package instead
of building your own.

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