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Re: Re: Re: [D-I] Automatic spellcheck of po files

I guess it shouldn't be too difficult... 
I could help out to set that up for other projects: it'll help to make
it more flexable.
As for the problem with those unknown words let's see:
all po files are translated to utf-8 (which is supported by aspell), so
it should not be a problem related with encodings.
I installed the aspell-nb dictionary taken from:

is it the right one?
...I just noticed I check "nb" language using "--lang=no"
honestly I built dictionaries a while ago and I cannot remember why I
used "no".
I know I got confused with the various flavours of Norwegian; perhaps
you can help me out with that!

I just tried spellchecking using  "--lang=no"  and "--lang=nb" and
there's no difference: could it be that those words are not included in
_that_ version of aspell-nb?

let me know if I can do anything to fix it


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