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Re: [D-I] How to organise communication among Debian Installer translators

Quoting Frans Pop (aragorn@tiscali.nl):

> Would it not be a good idea to at least CC d-boot so that people working 
> on the technical aspects can also keep up to date with l10n issues?

You're right. For instance, I bet that our beloved DIPL (Debian
Installer Project Leader...I just invented the acronym for Joey...:-))
is not subscribed to -i18n and may have interest in knowing what
happens and what is said.

What is your opinion about possible followups?

Should the Reply-To of such mails be set to -i18n only or should we
keep the threads crossposted?

The number of people who are subscribed to both lists is quite
important, so having discussions CC'ed to both lists mail sound
annoying for them.


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