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Re: Desktop task broken on !(i386/powerpc)

> I normally ask people to imagine their religions teacher doing the

Man, I live in one of the very few (IIRC) laic countries in the world
(hmm, dunno if laic is English, indeed....I hope you get the point if
it is not...basically means that official institutions are completely
separated from all religions).

So, no religion teacher comes to my mind as I never had one. Nor had I
to repeat some allegence to God at school like one has to do in some
middle age countries..:-)

But, anyway and back on topic, point taken for sure.

> How you you explain the difference of KDE and Gnome to your
> grandmother, in a way to allow her to make an informed choice between
> them?  In tasksel, you got around 40 characters to do it. :)

Even less, because you have to think about the poor people using
verbose languages..:-)

The only way I see would be something like "If you don't know this
means, check both".....or indeed having both subtasks checked when
Desktop is checked.

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