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Bug#287021: debian-installer: Full build (d-i+udebs) fails using checkout of RC2

Thiemo Seufer wrote:
severity 287021 wishlist

Daniel F. Dickinson wrote:

Package: debian-installer
Severity: serious
Justification: 4 (Autobuilding)

Rationale: rc2 is an official release candidate of the debian-installer, therefore checking out rc2 should successfully autobuild d-i rc2, including required udebs (since d-i without appropriate udebs is useless). This isn't the case.

FWIW, I disagree. Only the separate udebs/packages have to be

Have I missed seeing separate packages for udebs? I used debian-installer for the this bug report because I don't know of a separate place to report udeb bugs.

However, on thinking about it further I still think the d-i+udeb being able to build is important because it's like a full debian release verse bugs against individual packages. It's not a release if there are release critical bugs, similiarly there is no d-i release if there are critical bugs in the udebs, or the udebs don't play nicely together.

from d-i-rc2


This is only a convenience script for developers. It puts the generated
udebs in installer/build/localudebs/, where they should _not_ go for
a production build. The production build should fetch the udebs from
an apt-gettable repository.

The problem I have had with that, and the reason I use the buildscript in the first place, is that in testing, the udebs change so much that getting udebs that work properly for a full d-i+udeb 'release' doesn't seem to happen. Once things are in stable it will be different, but at present, getting something that works consistently is a nightmare (much worse than getting a working debian system out of sarge).

buildscript may be a convenience script, but the principle of having udeb packages that mesh properly with the d-i you're trying to build is more than just a convenience, it's essential when packages are changing frequently. Again, once in stable that's not an issue, but at present, having a d-i that works depends on having udebs that match the d-i version.

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