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Bug#287021: debian-installer: Full build (d-i+udebs) fails using checkout of RC2

severity 287021 wishlist

Daniel F. Dickinson wrote:
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: serious
> Justification: 4 (Autobuilding)
> Rationale: rc2 is an official release candidate of the debian-installer, 
> therefore checking out rc2 should successfully autobuild d-i rc2, 
> including required udebs (since d-i without appropriate udebs is 
> useless).  This isn't the case. 

FWIW, I disagree. Only the separate udebs/packages have to be

> from d-i-rc2
> ./scripts/buildscript

This is only a convenience script for developers. It puts the generated
udebs in installer/build/localudebs/, where they should _not_ go for
a production build. The production build should fetch the udebs from
an apt-gettable repository.


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