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[D-I Manual] Proposal for new entities and entity translation (was: "Sarge" and "sarge" in the manual)

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(Please keep the main discussion for this subject on d-boot.)

On Tuesday 14 December 2004 07:40, Miroslav Kure wrote:
> Well, before we switched to the new build scheme with just one master
> file, you could redefine entities in install.xx.xml -- first one
> definition wins, so if you put them before including common.ent,
> that's what you want.

On Monday 13 December 2004 15:23, Colin Watson wrote:
> Better branding support would be nice in the manual in general [...]

OK. I think we can address both issues.

I have a patch ready that allows translation:
- - added a new directory build/entities/l10n
- - moved translatable entities from build/entities/common.ent to
- - included code in buildone.sh that will look for a file
  build/entities/l10n/<lang>.ent and include that _before_ the

The next question is: what entities do we need?
I have created a proposal that gives a more general setup and allows a
gradual transition by not changing existing entities.

I would appreciate any comments and suggestions for improvement or

Current entity   New entity       Definition
- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------------------------------
- ---              distr            "Debian"
debian           distr-full       "Debian GNU/Linux"
- ---              distr-tech       "debian"

release          release-version  "3.1"
releasename      release-name     "sarge" or "Sarge"
- ---              release-tech     "sarge"

- ---              D-I              "<classname>Debian Installer</classname>"
- ---              manual           "Debian Installer Manual"
d-i              d-i              "<classname>debian-installer</classname>">
d-i-manual       d-i-manual       "<classname>debian-installer-manual</classname>">

- - "distr" is to be kind to derived distributions and to allow transision from
  "debian" to "distr-full"
- - the change from "release" to "release-version" is mainly for consistency in
  the naming of the entities
- - "-tech" is short for technical, implying lower case
- - Personally I feel we should capitalize Sarge for the English verion of the
  manual as Sarge is the proper name of the release (and is derived from the
  name of a character in a movie and should be capitalized as such)
- - the change from releasename to release-name is to allow transition: some
  existing occurrences of "releasename" will need to be replaced by
  release-name, others by release-tech
- - "D-I" is possible as entity names are case sensitive
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