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Re: Install troubles at school.

Quoting n.v.t n.v.t (joefso@hotmail.com):
> Hello folks,
> I downloaded one of the devel/debian-installer iso images.
> I have the following issues after the instalation is finished,(the second 
> boot). the installler (base-config iguess) is asking me for a apt proxy, 
> i'm entering the information 172.x.x.x : 3128 . Now apt is apt to do  
> apt-get update ; but when dist-upgrade or upgrading it fails to recieve the 
> package, what to do?

The screen which prompts you for a proxy mentions you have to enter it
by using the standard notation: 

So, you need to use the following:


Do not forget the trailing slash, otherwise packages download will fail.

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