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Bug#285382: more kernels on the netinst CD

retitle 285382 netinst CD already too big, needs to slim down by ~8 mb.
reassign 285382 debian-cd
severity 285382 important

Geert Stappers wrote:
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: wishlist
> I do agree with "with one kernel we can do a install",
> but I don't see the limitation on the netinst CD.
> Please put more kernels on that CD ROM.

The netinst CD is designed to fit on a specific size of micro CD-ROM. I
forget the size and its specific space limitations, but it's also
intended to be put on 128 mb usb memory sticks with the hd-media initrd,
which puts the maximum size at somewhere around 115 mb. Adding 2.4 and
2.6 versions of each new kernel adds about 30 mb to the iso size. We
haven't room.

In fact at 123 mb, the current netinst is **too big** to fit on the
standard hd-media image usb stick image right now, which is rather

Seemingly useless packages on the netinst include courier-*, esmtp,
exim4-daemon-heavy, masqmail, nullmailer, postfix, sendmail, ssmtp. I
thought we'd removed all these extra MTAs.

Anyone know why the perl package (and perl-modules) is back on the
netinst? Perhaps it was added before localisation-config was fixed to
work with just perl-base; nothing on the netinst except for courier-base
and sendmail-base depend on perl now.

If removing those package is not doable or not enough, dropping the
manuals and floppies is another way to slim it down 8 mb.

see shy jo

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