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Re: Bug#285245: another ASUS AP140R-E1 for Vrijschrift.org

On Sunday 12 December 2004 13:03, Holger Levsen wrote:
> > > A 386 kernel was installed, but the system is a Pentium 4,
> > > so a 686 kernel is expected ....
> >
> > This is ridiculous. _You_ should know why a 386 kernel is installed
> > with a netinst installation. I'm not even going to explain it to you.
> > If, you can't figure it out, ask.
> well, _I_ can't figure it out, so I'll ask: why ? Is it a known bug ?
> (Why/how) is it related to netinst ?
> Also, it works fine here: I got a k6, which I installed via pxe and
> netboot. And it had kernel-image-2.4.27-1-k6 installed automagically.

On the net_inst_ CD image only the 386 variants of the kernel are included 
so, as they are the only ones available to the installation system, they 
are the ones that will be installed (either the 2.4.27 version or the 
2.6.8 version).

As you used net_boot_, all kernel variants in the internet archives are 
available, so the correct one for your hardware will be picked.

Closing this bug report.

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