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Re: release update and branching

Steve Langasek wrote:
> partman-auto is arch: all, actually, which makes the alpha recipe breakage
> more annoying to fix no matter which way you slice it.

Ok, still it seems fixable by removing recipes-alpha/multi_user

> > If these are representative of the type of problems we'll be dealing
> > with until the sarge release, and if we don't keep finding lots of
> > release-critical non-kernel, non-security, non-discover problems, then I
> > think that uploading developmental udebs to unstable and still getting
> > RC fixes into sarge will be doable. On the other hand, if we keep on
> > seeing many problems in things like partman and network-console, then
> > getting them into t-p-u will quickly become painful. Still, I'm inclined
> > to go with this option since it seems much easier than getting
> > everything set up to let us use experimental.
> Would it be reasonable to delay upload of post-sarge debs to unstable until
> we get t-p-u autobuilders fully online, and then open unstable for new
> development?

I'd rather have some continuing, manageable pain maintaining d-i in
sarge while being able to test new stuff in unstable than a massive pain
trying to get a d-i tree that has been under development for N months,
without continuing user testing, to work again after the release.

(Tell me what N is and I'll be able to give a better reply.)

see shy jo

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